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Hmmmmmm....about? Well, I am about 6ft 2 and just over 200 lbs! No fat on me really. So, I don't know where it all is either! I am too heavy to go climbing cols but I horse my way up em' anyway!


I love cycling. Even when I fell off my bike and broke my face at the age of 11, I asked that my Mum wheel my bike to the foot of my own bed when I got out of hospital. My dad refused to do it and said the bike had to go. No more cycling! Anyway, the bike stayed as I needed it for my paperound. My faced straightened out, for the most part, and the dentist did his best with the teeth that were left!


I was born in Dublin. How did I get the name Pascal? Long story but it was not easy growing up in London (we moved there when I was 3) with that name. I got married to Marie. We have two sons. Rory and Connor. I live in Central France. We have a couple of cottages we rent out to cyclists. We print T-Shirts and run a few cycling trips/tours to keep the wolf from the door.


I am a MASSIVE fan of 'value for money' trips. I like to experience them myself. Only ever really had one. Clients must have a good time and be very well fed and watered. Accommodation must be 'more than' you might expect and all the little details have to be taken care of.



I have not had a client regret a trip or complain to date. Not bad since 2005!

So, have a good read as to where we go and what we do there. Compare before you buy and ask if you are not sure.




Pascal, Marie, Rory and Connor



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Home sweet home. We run cycling things from here too. Training etc. Just ask!